Seven reasons why good employees quit

Employees quit. Fact. If a bad employee quits that’s great, we all celebrate.  But when we lose a star player it can be devastating both personally and for the business as a whole.  Why does this happen and what can you do to prevent it? The main reason employees’ quite their job is their relationship with their manager.  People may be ambivalent about the business they work for but they will often either love or hate their manager. So how

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Six Stage Plan for Successfully Tackling Difficult Conversations

We all have to have difficult discussions with employees from time to time – it may be a conversation leading to a dismissal, a discussion about someone’s health issues, their performance, or where they are facing possible redundancy. Often managers shy away from these types of conversations and this is fine, provided you ask someone else to have the conversation on your behalf.  I do this frequently on behalf of businesses where, as a result of friendship, time pressures, a

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