Investigating Misconduct

Investigating misconduct in the workplace is a tricky business.  Getting it wrong can cost your business big time.  In one case, an investigator simply accepted the evidence of senior people at an event.  He failed to consider conflicting accounts from other people there or follow up on some of the answers he received.  His rushed and shoddy investigation cost the business a significant amount of money and time. What Makes a Good Investigator? Investigators need the time, skills and ability

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The Key to Effective Employee Engagement

Effective employee engagement is a key management skill.  Managers are usually promoted because they have other skills which make them stand out.  They may have good technical skills, vision or a strategic ability.  This does not mean that they are good leaders and they often struggle to engage the rest of their team.  They can learn this skill and giving them the right tools will pay handsome dividends. Why is Employee Engagement Important? Think about the best employee you have

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Seven reasons why good employees quit

Employees quit. Fact. If a bad employee quits that’s great, we all celebrate.  But when we lose a star player it can be devastating both personally and for the business as a whole.  Why does this happen and what can you do to prevent it? The main reason employees’ quite their job is their relationship with their manager.  People may be ambivalent about the business they work for but they will often either love or hate their manager. So how

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