The Key to Effective Employee Engagement

Effective employee engagement is a key management skill.  Managers are usually promoted because they have other skills which make them stand out.  They may have good technical skills, vision or a strategic ability.  This does not mean that they are good leaders and they often struggle to engage the rest of their team.  They can learn this skill and giving them the right tools will pay handsome dividends. Why is Employee Engagement Important? Think about the best employee you have

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5 Steps to Winning a Tribunal Claim

There are 5 straightforward steps that significantly increase your company’s chances of winning a tribunal claim. Step 1: Take Advice Take advice before you take action.  If you want to dismiss someone you should always take legal advice because everyone who is dismissed can bring a tribunal claim.  You need to know whether or not you will be able to defend it and, if so, how you are going to do so. If someone resigns you should also take legal

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What Motivates Employees to Perform Well?

We tend to assume that a good salary and good perks motivate employees to stay in their jobs and perform well, but is this really the case?  We may think that appreciation, additional rewards, recognition, flexi-time, additional holidays, a better car, promotion and the like are all motivational factors that keep people working for us at their full potential. The trouble is, that’s what we think.  In my experience, motivation is as individual and personal as the person themselves and

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Six Stage Plan for Successfully Tackling Difficult Conversations

We all have to have difficult discussions with employees from time to time – it may be a conversation leading to a dismissal, a discussion about someone’s health issues, their performance, or where they are facing possible redundancy. Often managers shy away from these types of conversations and this is fine, provided you ask someone else to have the conversation on your behalf.  I do this frequently on behalf of businesses where, as a result of friendship, time pressures, a

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Employees: Making a Difference?


Why do we go to work?  What makes employees go to work? Well, yes, to get paid of course.  But why this job, with this business, for these customers? It’s an under-acknowledged fact that the reason most of us come in to work each day is to make a difference.  Not a ‘changing the world’ kind of difference (unless you are Donald Trump or Theresa May) but a difference none the less.   We come in to work to ‘get things

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The Christmas Party – a drink too far?

christmas drinks

You may have seen the recent case where a director assaulted a manager after a Christmas party causing serious brain injury. In that case the company escaped liability because the assault happened during a private drinking session at 3.00am in the morning, well after the Christmas festivities had finished.  However, if the director had lashed out at the manager during the party itself, it would have been a very different story. Another company was less fortunate when one if its

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