Contributing to Your Success?

Everyone who works for you, or with you, should be contributing to your success. Whether that is financial success, growth of your company, the feeling that you have created something successful, or any other way you measure your success.

If anyone working with, or for, you is not contributing to your success then you must do something about this.  There are three key questions to answer:

  • Is this just a temporary problem – is a person who usually contributes well off sick at the moment, or do they appear to be distracted or de-motivated, or perhaps they need more training or help?
  • Is this a more fundamental problem – is the person usually too disruptive, to they have a bad attitude or lack the skills, determination or will to contribute positively to your business and provide the commitment you need?
  • What has your role been in the situation – for example, have you allowed this person to drain your energy, to under-perform, to get away with things, or perhaps you misjudged their skills, ability or experience in some way?

Whatever the answer to each of these key questions is, the fact that you are now thinking about an individual in these terms means that you are ready to tackle the problem. You need to start by focusing on the result you want to achieve – to have a person in place who is contributing to your success.  If this cannot be achieved for any reason, even if it is not that person’s fault, then it’s time to say goodbye to them.

Success notes

The next step is to develop an action plan that will move you as quickly as possible towards your objective, and that involves little or no risk to the business.  Easier said than done, you might say, but with a clear focus and the right tools – and a little bit of patience – you can put a plan in place to tackle any  individuals who are holding you and your business back.

So look at your contributors, whether they are employees, workers, consultants or other business associates; ask yourself the 3 key questions and then develop the appropriate plan to tackle the situation.  And one final point – remember to thank those who truly are contributing to your success!

If you find yourself in this situation and would like to talk through the issues, pull together and implement an action plan then please contact me.

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